The ActingAtelier is a Dutch acting school that teaches in English.

We provide challenging acting lessons for young people aged 13 to 18, focussing on international students and everyone speaking and understanding English.

Our workshops and classes take into account the student as an individual actor as well as him or her being part of a group and therefore we focus on all aspects of the acting profession. The young actor can develop both skills sets and discover what style of acting suits him or her best.

The ActingAtelier will provide guidance and detailed instruction throughout this process to allow the student to grow in their chosen technique(s).


Our programme

Every course of the ActingAtelier focuses on a different part of the acting profession.

The Improv course and the acting techniques course are accessible to everyone. For future courses as the Screen acting course, Production course and Atelier course previous experience with ActingAtelier is needed.

On February 5th at 2:45 pm we started at the International School Hilversum with our Improv course. It’s a 12 lesson courses that focuses on basic acting skills through improvisational theatre. camera acting in the netherlands Acting Atelier

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Every year ActingAtelier tries to facilitate extra activities. You can think of speciality workshops, field trips or visiting interesting plays with a Q & A with the cast.

Most of these activities are accessible to everyone.  So if you’re not a student at ActingAtelier but like to participate in a workshop you’re more then welcome to. It’s a nice way to focus on a specific skill, to learn some interesting things about the field or to get to know us better.workshops in het Sngels Acting Atelier

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Enlist for our Improv course on the International school Hilversum.Don't think just act...

Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Sanford Meisner